Message for Freedom Rally

    October 8, 2000

    "Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit," saith the Lord.

    Good afternoon, brave and courageous rebels with a cause. I feel it is important to know what our goal is and then to do all with the help of God to accomplish it. We are all here for a reason which does not only affect us personally, but we are here in hopes we may do our little bit to reestablish our country back to its original foundation.

    Remember America is not great because of the many blessings bestowed on her by God, but because God has given us the courage and ability to overcome evil. You, my dear friends, are called to help America reinvent herself by overcoming evil.

    Today we are making history happen. History does not happen without people dedicated to a vision or a goal. You have heard the old saying, "There are those who make it happen, there are those who watch it happen, and then there are those who say, 'what happened?'." We are called to make it happen - a few dedicated people who will stand for what is right even though it may cost one his life.

    Let me describe the dilemma we are in today. We could get rid of all government and still be in an evil society. A large percent of our population wants to be ruled over by a tyrannical government. Until the hearts of the people change and we as a whole began to take on the responsibility for our own lives and start bringing forth the fruit of the seed planted by our forefathers, we are indeed a lost nation. That means we do not only make a stand against that which is unrightness, but we set the example by word and deed of that which is right and beneficial for the whole. Now we cannot do this without the guiding help of God, and if God is for us who can be against us? He is in this battle with us as He was with other brave people who fought to get their freedom and would not rest until the mission was accomplished.

    We, you and I, are called to sound the alarm and you know how people feel in the morning toward an alarm clock. So expect people to hate you. Expect people to not understand you. A couple of weeks ago I was talking to Tom Thompson and he said, "Everyone hates me." Well, after hearing him talk, I could understand why. He shoots from the hip, no sugar-coated truth - just straight, naked truth - the kind that either sets people free or it covers over with dirt the six foot hole they are already in, depending of course, on what one does with the truth.

    If I told you the government is doing exactly what God would have it to do would you be surprised??

    Let us look back at history and see how God delivers his people. The children of Israel were content being in bondage to Egypt until they were ready to be birthed into a new nation. Then the Egyptians began loading them down with heavy codes and laws. When they left Egypt, the economy collapsed just as our capitalism will collapse when the new nation is birthed.

    The people in Europe lived quite contentedly under a slowly tightening dictatorship both of church and state before they said, "Enough is enough", and then left all behind to found a new nation.

    A baby is quite content in the womb until birthing time and then the big crisis begins. And so it is with America. We are a nation whose time has come. We are ready for the big crossing over into a new age, a new land, a new found freedom.

    Let us keep the angry fires of justice and righteousness burning in our hearts, keeping our eyes on the vision set before us. That vision is not to free one color of the race. It is not to make life more full of material things and easier, but our goal is to give back to the people their rights established by our Constitution which is set in cement mixed with the blood of our forefathers. We must awaken in the people a seed planted by God Himself, the fruit of which is joy, peace and righteousness, the results of our pursuit of happiness - our inheritance which Jesus called, "heaven". With God all things are possible, so let us shoot for heaven itself, trusting that God is leading and guiding us and most anxious to get us there.

    Marie Kolasinski


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