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    June 21, 1995

    My name is Marie. In another month I'll be 74 years old - old enough to remember a little of what America was like when it was still America - the land of the free.

    Time was when anyone with a dream of having his or her own business scrimped and saved, denying oneself, and then in a small beginning, began answering that call within him to serve the community with a business.

    The word business itself denotes busy, to busy oneself to serve the community. Making money was the fringe benefit. One never had to go to any elected official (there were none) to ask, "Mother may I?" Or paying to get permission to start a business was unheard of! If the community liked your service, it survived. The government was the people. The people determined whether or not your works were worthy.

    I remember when the American work force and initiative came from people with a third grade education. That was when we used common sense instead of code books to judge how a thing was to be done. Edison and Ford both were taken out of school before they got corrupted by learning. Now we have "heads full of learning". We've lost contact with our Creator and the world is full of schools, colleges, churches and stupid dead people who are so miserable all they can think of is suing their neighbor, their government or anyone else who disturbs their little cemetery lot. And to top it all off, the judges are so void of any judgment they use up our tax money by allowing these bold animals to use the courts to satisfy their miserable greed.

    I came from a rural community in Wisconsin where trees were loved more than sidewalks, where the fire department was made up of volunteers who really cared about the community. They tended to their own business. No one ever thought of marching in four abreast to tell you your place wasn't safe for someone to walk through the front door. Sure, we had our fires, most from lightning, but not any more than our tightly coded structures have today.

    There was no money to hire government officials to make other people's business their business. That is such a weird concept. Even as I write it I cannot for the life of me imagine any civilized people paying through the nose for someone to come into our place, whether it be the Health Department , Fire Department, or any other department, and tell you how they think you should run your business. Once again, the people who patronize the businesses should be the judge. If they don't like what you're doing, they can get the hell out, with no government coming in and telling you to change your business because someone doesn't like it.

    Let us bring to mind our Savior's words, "The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath." The law was made to serve man, not to be a tyrant over him. America, the fraud, is toppling of its own corruption. Hopefully there will be a big tax revolt and every elected official will be in the marketplace like the rest of us "peons," and the real America under God will come forth - lowly, humble, willing to work for a living, not preying off the hard work of the brothers and sisters, a land shining forth with God's righteousness and judgment, giving Him once again the glory and honor which are His.

    Marie Kolasinski



    When I was young, I had a dream
    That I was a land where all could gleam
    A living free from the old tyranny.
    My God, My God, what has happened to me??

    I dreamed I was a land for the lowly of heart.
    I opened my arms to give all a start --
    A new life of love and liberty --
    My God, My God, what has happened to me??

    Ah yes! I opened my door to all.
    "Come, all you who labor" -- that was my call.
    They came from the North, South, East and West.
    My house now is full - but there is no REST.

    What happened to those who were lowly of heart?
    Who came to this land to get a new start?
    I loved them, blessed them -- did all that I planned,
    But when they grew rich, they forgot who I AM.

    A Land of the poor and the Home of the brave,
    Not the greedy, or whoremongers who can only behave
    Like the animal world - a tooth for tooth -
    Without any mercy -- absent of ruth.

    Lord, One True God of my earth --
    I'm crying out to You -- take this people and birth
    Your Kingdom within my bountiful shores,
    So the world will see, it is YOU I adore,
    Only YOU, CREATOR of all --
    THIS IS AMERICA, do you hear my call?

    Marie Kolasinski