Abolishment of our Unconstitutional Government

    Once again a government official marched into our store unannounced (breaking their own laws) and reached out her greedy little fist for another $100 for another permit. This time it was a City Code Enforcer; last month it was a Fire Marshal and all his henchmen; last year it was another City Code Enforcer who stole our expensive pumpkin/Christmas tree sign and still hasn't been arrested or has she paid us for her theft. I feel I speak for every business throughout our county. WE ARE FED UP TO OUR EYEBALLS WITH OUR GREEDY GESTAPO GOVERNMENT.

    I'm tired of seat belt laws-of helmet laws-of code books-of permits-of inspections-of fear tactics. Let me tell you if you do not already know-the people thinking up all these laws could give a damn whether you or I live or die. There is a diabolical spirit covering our land that would like to control our every move. People of America, wake up!!!!! In life, accidents happen. We are born. We experience sorrow and suffering and pain and then we die by some means. No amount of laws can stop that from happening. God has His plan for each life. He numbers our days and doles out our suffering. Our government is not God although we have made it so.

    Taking instruction form the Declaration of Independence which says, "...whenever any form of government becomes destructive..., it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it...". I suggest we seriously begin to get rid of government, starting with the City Council. It is a painful appendage. Then let's throw out our code books. God has 10 laws and they govern the whole human race. I suggest we get rid of all the gnats called inspectors who should get a degree in harassment. Our mayor is no more than a figurehead. One head is too many for a city, say nothing of two. Let us get rid of more baggage called district attorneys and encourage people to represent themselves. It always disgusts me when I hear about prosecutors - lawyers we pay for and who work against us in court. Let us educate the juries as to their rights over the judges, most of who in fact couldn't judge between what is righteous and what is not if their life depended upon it. Baggage, all of them, that the taxpayers do not need.

    After cleaning house in the city, let us go to the county and get rid of all the so-called services starting with welfare. Paul the apostle said, "If you don't work, you don't eat". If we take away welfare, we would start getting community back. Slothfulness would be a disgrace instead of the status quo. The health department should have been closed years ago. The people of Orange County are intelligent enough to tell if a restaurant is clean, and if the food is good. Permits will not make people better housekeepers nor will it keep food from spoiling. Jack in the Box and the beef situation are current examples. As a matter of fact if we all began living by common sense rather than the rule book, things like the beef situation could be avoided.

    With all the saved tax money we can hire high school boys and girls to clean the waste along the freeways which our well paid government employees will not do themselves nor do they have the intelligence to get someone to do it.

    With revenue enough we can cut out state aid and federal aid and get rid of the bumble heads who make laws away up there that bind all of us. Millions of dollars could be channeled into our schools. Getting rid of the state laws, our teachers would be able to teach as the Lord leads them to teach. Our school system is top heavy also. We do not need a multimillion dollar office building to house our office personnel. There should be little if any office work to do if we cut out all the superfluous dumb bells who love to create files and more files, cross references, etc.

    There was a time when you saw a police car a warm feeling would wash over you. A feeling of being protected as they carried with them a God given authority of protection. Now when you see a police car you immediately wonder which of their laws they will use to "get you". They will be the first to admit they have to fill their quota for arrests. Shame on all you police who have become bullies. You all will have to become accountable for your deeds as the Great Judge stands at the door. You have a conscience - use it. Shame on all of you who came to Piecemakers warehouse under the directions of another bully, and ordered there by a Judge who seems to have inherited some of the tactics of Janet Reno. Imagine a Judge having the power just on hearsay to order someone's premises raped!!!!! Judgement is coming down the road like a steamroller. Don't tell me they are just doing their job, like Hitler's henchmen were just doing their job? Remember the blood of those millions still has not been avenged and God has not forgotten. All is tabulated - each person having to account for his or her life. Our kids - instead of respecting the police, they are afraid of them. Whoever thought a G. damned helmet would keep your kids from getting hurt is just one more moron thinking they are being the good guy and helping humanity.

    Citizens of Costa Mesa - Let us make Costa Mesa a city governed by sensible residents - neighbors helping one another. Let us find our roots and turn the hearts of the people back to God. A tree without roots soon will die. America is breathing her last signs of life. Can we rescue her or will we be destroyed like Sodom, Gomorrah, Bosnia, Afganistan and other countries of today? We have some serious fast decisions to make. May God temper His wrath with mercy.

    Marie Kolasinski

    November 10, 1997