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"Wow, I feel like I have come home." This is the feeling of not only Americans but our family from all over the world as they step through the big double doors of Piecemakers Country Store. The smell of homemade food meets the nostrils. Handmade quilts don the walls. Fabrics, ribbons, trims, laces, buttons, patterns , books and more, as well as beautiful pieces of furniture laden with gifts of all kinds, fill every nook and cranny.

Piecemakers Country Store Turn into the driveway at 1720 Adams Avenue, Costa Mesa, California. You will be greeted with a hamlet of trees,  the store,  the barn. The sweet presence of God is felt as you turn in the drive. Come, spend the day. Eat, shop or just sit and bask in His wonderful presence. Like our Father we are here every day of the year, each day being a special day as we carry out His will. And thanks to all of you who make Piecemakers your home away from home.

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Piecemakers Band
Classrooms filled with quilters, sewers, knitters, stitchers, beaders and cookers are busily using their God given talents to create as He also is our Creator. doll making class with Leslie Molen at Piecemakers
Piecemakers Band

Classes Offered
In addition to the store, explore all the other aspects of Piecemakers including our construction company, Reporter of events at Piecemakers, and a newspaper article with a look at Piecemakers from a reporter’s point of view.
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Piecemakers Construction Company
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