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    ...and the way this administration is going, don't be surprised to be washing your burka one weekend... Jennifer

    Dear Jennifer, We appreciate your comments, wisdom and insight into our trying times. My email was sent out to test the waters like the dove going out of the ark. Your love of the truth is going to be a steadying influence as we all see God making himself known. We have several other articles that were published in the paper about actual, painful experiences that we endured from our public "servants". I feel that God is about to pull the plug as the cup of corruption is full. If you are interested in these articles, please let me know. Marie Kolasinski

    Hi Marie.. I have been following Piecemakers and your strife for years...I am loyal to Piecemakers and appreciate your warm, goodhearted home I have daily shout outs to God...I am begging him to work quickly Peace be with you good woman. See you soon, Jennifer
    Thank you for a different point of view than that of most of the masses--some of these points are well taken as regards the wickedness of the world's governments, including the U.S. They appear to be righteous yet indeed are actually in opposition to God's plan of a united world government headed by Jesus Christ as King, heading a system run from heaven which truly IS righteous and peaceful. He and his co-rulers will help the meek of the earth regain spiritual and physical perfection (which Adam and Eve lost for us when they disobeyed God), just as Jehovah originally intended. Mankind has gone his "own way" to his detriment, and has proven himself unfit to rule the planet on his own. We look forward to a cleansing of this system of things of its corruption, pollution, moral depravity and greed. Psalms 37th chapter and Revelation 21:3,4 show us what we can look forward to, not too much longer, in the future. Judy
    Take from the poor and give to the rich. It's a sad sad situation. It is pretty much impossible to even stay in business sometimes. It's day by day, and that's only if you work really really hard for very, very little. I guess you just have to love what you do and have pride in it and when people appreciate you and love what you create that makes you so very happy that you keep on going trying to achieve the best you can. God Bless us all, Billie ( Mike's mom)
    thx for the info I hear things of this nature on christian radio God Bless & Pray for the Old America. Leticia
    Thank you ladies for sharing Marie's brilliant and enlightening truths about the nation we live in. One nation under God is, sadly, no longer the mast under which we sail. Too many people are simply too complacent and 'living the good life' (or so they think), to take any action that will end this atrocity. I strongly encourage everyone to see 'Inside Job', a documentary exposing the travesty that our government committed that has brought about this latest financial tragedy. It is still playing in a few theaters in Orange County. After seeing this documentary I realized that any hope we had for a change with the exit of Bush, not only ended, but brought an even bigger threat to our nation. Evil has entered our capital. Sincerely, Judy Clemmer

    I FIND IT IMPOSSIBLE TO DO LOVE AND FEAR AT THE SAME TIME...AND WE ALL KNOW THE MANY WAYS FEAR CAN HIDE. TO LIVE IN THIS WORLD BUT NOT BE OF IT IS A CONSTANT CHALLENGE. On another note had my own personal dealing with the city of costa mesa, was told could not fight city hall with a ham sandwich. Told the planning dept. and code inforencement that their mentallity was only deserving of balogna sandwiches !!!!! Interesting how double standards always hang out with corruption. PEACE !!!! (second email from Linda)
    I see and feel your anger, but you are a good and honest business that we feel safe patronizing and applaud. While I am truly a supporter of limited government, I do not want the beautiful City of Costa Mesa over run by businesses without licenses like we have in Los Angeles and Santa Ana. We can only hope that Costa Mesa tows the cars of those who drive without a license and enforce the laws that protect good honest businesses. . Today, I will come to Piecemakers, true, honest business with hard working folks that follow the rules. I will get inspired as I always do and probably spend a little more money than my husband wanted. Andrea Stella


    August 17, 2010

    Hi , Susie! [Sue at Piecemakers]

    It was so good to call the phone number I found on Piecemakers 1993 Class Schedule, and to talk with you! As I told you I'm delighted Piecemakers are still doing business on Adams Avenue in Costa Mesa.

    You all are very unique and a bright ray of sunshine in the world. Please keep up your great works. I'm so looking forward to receiving the catalog.

    Sincerely, Artis Fox


    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of Piecemakers,

    This is a long overdue letter of gratitude, thanking you for so many joyful hours of learning worthwhile skills and crafts at your wonderful establishment. A recent visit to your store this past week prompted me to take pen to paper to let you know how much Piecemakers has enhanced many aspects of my life for quite a few years.

    I have raised six children as well as working full time for most of my marriage. I had little spare time. However, I always managed to make time to take a class at Piecemakers. I knew my time in that class would be well spent. The classes meant a lot to me at the time, and even more so now that I am retired. My hands are supplied with delightful projects to keep them busy. I find much comfort in these familiar activities.

    My home and my heart have been decorated with so many beautiful items that I learned to create through the patient teaching of your caring staff. Quilted wall hangings adorn my entry and kitchen - the Gingerbread Man Christmas wall hanging is a special favorite of mine. I made a twin sized Log Cabin quilt by hand, thanks to you. Several other quilt projects are in various stages of completion, known affectionately as UFOs. These UFOs are a balm to my mind as I am kept occupied with the peaceful and calming stitching. Stenciled storage chests and book cases are family treasures. Ribbon embroidery has enhanced jumpers, blouses and jackets. Piecemakers staff always took great care to help me select just the right matching fabrics and ribbons to complete my project. Apple pie and several scone recipes are very special and delicious treats from your kitchen to mine. I have so thoroughly enjoyed the multitude of classes that I have taken at Piecemakers for many years. Even my ironing chore is enhanced by a beautiful rose-patterned ironing board cover that I purchased at your store.

    I have enjoyed many great meals and gracious service in your tea room, the barn, during day-long classes in the upstairs tea room, and the craft fair food concessions. My husband especially looks forward to purchasing a whole apple pie all for himself when he attends the craft fair. Your craft fairs have been a special meeting place for all of my family as we enjoyed a day of shopping, browsing, food and entertainment.

    I could go on for quite a few pages listing all the memories, impressions and sheer joyfulness that I have experienced at your store. I wish I could personally thank every one of you by name. If I attempted to list all of your names in this letter, there are so many that I fear I might leave someone out. One notable exception that I feel I have to mention - Kathy, one of your members, patiently taught me ribbon embroidery quite a few years ago. In one of her classes, I created a stunning outfit from a plain denim jumper. Under Kathy's tutelage, I appliqued birdhouses on the jumper and festooned them with varieties of ribbon embroidered roses, vines and other flowers. I still have the jumper, it is still in good shape, and it still gets compliments when I wear it. Kathy may be gone, but I fondly think of her when I start work on a ribbon embroidery project.

    Please know that I deeply appreciate the help and service that you all extended to me and my family through the years.

    I live in Las Vegas at the present time, but I manage to take a class now and then when I visit my children in Southern California. There is nothing quite like your store anywhere else. Really, no other craft store could duplicate your efforts. It is evident that you put your very heart and soul into every detail of your business, and it shows.

    Piecemakers is a truly unique enterprise.

    I miss the Piecemakers experience very much - visiting your store and walking through it is special treat for me. Seeing all your dear faces makes me feel right at home.

    I hope that you continue your work to brighten many lives through your classes, fairs, quality products offered at reasonable cost, scrumptious food and the best friendly customer service that I have ever experienced.

    Best wishes to all of you and may God bless you for being there for these past years and for many years to come.

    Sincerely, Phyllis Brown


    Dear Piecemakers,
    Englehart Ontario Canada is a small Northern community just having celebrated our 100th birthday in Aug 2008. This quilt tells the story of our past 100 years. Railroading, agriculture, farming, forestry, and mining.

    The group involved were Betty Lafferty, Shirley LaCarte, Marcia Morris, Liz Wreggitt, and myself Liz Robitaille. We started the quilt Feb 9th and finished May 16th 2008.

    Fabric: Top is 100% Cotton with material supplied by each individual from our stash.
    Backing: Muslin Batting: Belle Valle Spun Sheep Wool

    We meet most Sunday evenings to coordinate work on each block. Making sure our fabrics lined up with each others block. Various forms of needle work was done to create the Train Quilt Top. Hand appliqué, hand quilting, blanket stitch and embroidered work, as well as using the sewing machine to put the blocks and binding together. Marking of the top was done block by block. We hand quilting around objects, and followed the flow of the landscape.We finished by quilting our border with train tracks. In June 2008 our Train Quilt was donated to Ontario Northland Railway where it now hangs in the Passenger Service Ticket Office in Englehart for the public to view.

    I wanted to share with you how proud I am to have been involved in the making of this quilt.

    Liz Robitaille

    Piecemakers 2000 Calendar quilt


    Dear Piecemakers,
    Thank you for answering [by email] so fast. So much of the time I don't get replies! People are just too busy "to take the time to smell the roses" unless there is money to make.
    Thanks for taking the time to help me find an answer. I thought you would take the time to answer me, and if not, then there would be no hope for a friendly world!
    THANKS again, Sheila (Clements)

    hank you for your Calendar Quilt Patterns. I have made a few of your quilts and I thought I would send you some pictures of them. I put the seasons of trees in our quilt show in Salem, Oregon and won 5 ribbons and $100 in prizes. I won one ribbon for best of viewer's choice on the barns quilt. I made the lighthouse quilt for a wedding gift for my nephew. I made the Victorian ladies for me. I made an Indian quilt for my sister-in-law an a floral quilt for my other sister-in-law. I am working this year's Calendar Quilt and I'm looking forward to getting next year's. I saw it at your shop in July when I was in California. Keep up the good work.

    Mildred Powell


    I have not lived in California for many years, but I remember many happy hours at Piecemaker's.  I learned to quilt there, spent many hours in the Tea Room, held my daughters' birthday parties there (we still have the ceramic Christmas trees they painted.), my girls still use the quilts they made there as young girls, and the quilt my Girl Scout troop made and entered in your quilt contest (second place) in 1991 hangs in my home.
    Anyway, the main purpose of my letter is to ask if the recipe for the peanut butter Wonderbars you used to sell is available.  I had the recipe and made them for years, but the recipe has been lost and I would love to make them for my grandchildren.  I have searched high and low and just can't find it.  My daughter found a recipe for peanut butter bars, but it just wasn't the same!  Please let me know if I can get another copy.

    And, though it's long overdo, thank you for the fun, classes, parties, patience and kindness everyone always showed me.  I miss your store!

    Thanks for the memories, and God bless you,

    Here is the wonderbars recipe (available in Seasons of Refreshing Cookbook)  Cindy asked about:

    1 cup margarine or butter
    1 3/4 cup crushed graham crackers
    1 large package milk chocolate (16oz. more or less, depending on how thick you want the chocolate layer to be)
    1 cup crunchy peanut butter
    2 cups powdered sugar

    Melt margarine. Remove from stove and add graham crackers, peanut butter and sugar. Stir together in 9" x 13" pan. Melt chocolate and pour on top. Refrigerate 20 minutes and cut into bars.


    Dear Piecemakers,

    I am writing to thank you for designing the The Heart of America 2003. I am a member of the Valley Quilters and I recently entered my barn quilt in the Hemet Show. it received a second place in the mixed (pieced and applique) division. Our Guilds pas presidents of each get a ribbon to award to the quilt of their choice, I got 2 of those! The quilt also got viewer's choice award. Each person that came to the show voted on the quilt they liked the best and it won!

    I need to give a good part of the credit to the designer of the barn quilt. It is such a charming pattern and has a very realistic feel., I usually change a pattern around to make it my own, but not on this one, because it is so well done.
    grateful customer, Evelyn.                    


    Recently, after a day of rain we had a double rainbow over our area. This prompted a letter from one of our customers ...

    Did you see the beautiful rainbow just before the rain
    started last Monday evening? I was leaving the store
    and the girls were outside in awe, speculating about
    it. The entire sky had an otherworldly look to it. Do
    you think that this was some sort of message from the Almighty?MR

    and response from Marie...

    What is God saying, My dear Markson, with His awesome display of a double rainbow? He wants us to know that in the midst of His dealings, sorrows and chastising His promises hold true... the rainbow of beauty and peace bravely displaying itself in the midst of thunder, lightning and the rain. Like a double wedding ring it reminds us that His covenant of marriage is with Him... for better or for worse, for rich or for poor, in good times and in bad... He is with us.

    God bless you on your journey through this wonderful world of sorrow and joy.



    I want to write this note to you about my quilt. I bought the 2000 calendar at my local quilt shop in the year 2000.  I began immediately to construct it.  It was all new to me as to how to put it together, but I learned from your directions and some help from "SEW TOGETHER" , my shop here in Richmond. I chose my own fabrics collected around the US, actually on a trip, and some of my own.  I heavily embellished it with ribbon embroidery, beads, etc.  the past two years I have been hand quilting i t - a little at a time and showing it to everyone.  (Last summer I took part in an encampment of the Voyageur's of St.. Claire  and worked on it out in the open for all to see for two days - everyone showed great interest-men and women.)  This past week, I finally got it done and ready to hang.  I am so proud of it.  I plan to hang it on a wall in my library. I dare not say how many hours I have  given to this project, but it was all worth it.  I will send you a picture by easy share as soon as I can get it ready.

    Thank you for the hours this must have taken to design and implement into a pattern.

    Yours sincerely, Janet Collins Richmond, MI


    I just wanted to share my story with you regarding my Piecemakers quilt. I have just finished the 2000 calendar quilt that I started 4 years ago. I had taken a year off work because of a health problem and depression and wanted something to distract me. I took on this project and have so enjoyed every step of my long journey. I have embellished it a lot with hand embroidery, which I just loved and kept thinking up new little things to embroider so I didn't have to finish it.

    I have done most of the applique with fusible webbing and hand stitched it with blanket stitch, have needle turned the background pieces, then hand quilted it on my lap as I couldn't hoop it because of the embroidery and my back couldn't manage it on a frame. I entered it in the annual quilt exhibition our state quilters guild holds and won one of the viewer's prizes.

    I have called it "Into the light" as a symbol of my journey from  depression. It hangs on my living room wall and the whole family just loves it. Thank you for your wonderful pattern, I am inspired to one day make an Australian version.

    Regards, Bobbie


    You will probably recognize me from the attached photo. When I was in California (I spend the winters there and summers in CO) you helped me pick fabric for a rag quilt. I entered it in the Montrose Quilt Show last weekend, in the wearable art category) and won the blue ribbon pinned to the front of the packet.

    Thanks for your help. See you in the Fall.....Cheryl


    Dear sweet people at Piecemakers,

    How much I want to thank you for your permission to enter my quilt in the Paducah Quilt Show this coming month. By now Bonnie from Paducah has checked with you to see if you did give me permission to do the Barn 2003 quilt.

    I want to send you a picture of it in the attachment. I had so much fun doing this. I had NO idea I even had a 1/2% chance for Paducah!

    In fact, since I had no idea I would be chosen, I did not even make any room reservations to attend. Everything is full! It would be a miracle if lodging was available. I have 4 people in Paducah looking for me.

    Again thanks, and if I get my miracle for lodging, I'll let you know. take care and God Bless.

    Naomi in South Carolina


    Thank you so much! I will be making future orders and prefer that you just use my current credit card so that I won't need to keep making it .available Your system looks like the best way to keep errors from being made and I am just delighted. I live on a ranch in Wyoming which is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. It is 145 miles to the nearest mall which is in Montana. Finding a supply source for my needlework online is always a blessing. A friend bought one of your mmarvelousccalendarsand I found your web site from that. I am just euphoric over the wonderful patterns that will keep me busy for years.

    Bless you all, Wendy


    I loved your "Colorsplash Trip around the World" book . It was so easy - the directions were very well written and easy to follow. When someone asked if I had done a Bargello I immediately thought about looking to see if you had a book for that. (We do have one.)
    Comment about the Times and Seasons Calendars.

    The beauty, fantasy and the peaceful words from the Bible we can find in these calendars, has been to a deep joy for me and for my whole family. My husband has even made a frame to it.

    Thank you! Gunn


    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just received my order today. As I've said before, I just love your needles for quilting! I also can't wait to get started using up my calico scraps for a calico braided rug!
    I have also begun to read the "Piecemakers Country Store" book as well as "The Calico Braided Rug Handbook". I am very touched by your use of scripture throughout both publications. As a follower of Christ, this means a lot to me. Thank you for including the scriptures in your literature.

    Thanks again! Many Blessings!