Piecemakers Gallery of Gifted Artisans

With the dawn of a new millennium, our teachers are leading the world in creativity for the present and the future.

Breaking down the established boundaries of quilting, dollmaking, embroidery and much, much, more; they are each pioneers in their fields, dedicated artists who delight in creating and passing on their skills to others.

Each one takes from the archives of those who have gone on before, adding to and creating the new to leave their own distinguished mark on their craft.

If there were a Nobel prize for creativity, we would be hard pressed to pick just one, as each one of them is deserving of this honor!

As such, we have decided to feature some of our teachers, and plan to keep adding more to this section so that you can meet the incredible teachers at Piecemakers!


Evelyn Penfield

Karen Fraser Evelyn Penfield
Glenna Kipp


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